Top 12 Bikepacking Routes

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Ever wonder which of our bikepacking routes are the most popular? With nearly 350 original and curated bikepacking routes in our global network, there are certainly many to choose from. In our latest video, we reveal the 12 most popular routes people have been dreaming about in 2021…

We’ve been creating and maintaining a library of original bikepacking routes and route guides since 2014 (well, really since this site was launched back in 2012). We also curate and promote loads of routes from other developers all over the world.

Out of curiosity, we dug into our stats to figure out which of our route guides were the most visited in 2021. In this video, we count down the 12 most popular bikepacking routes in our network for 2021. Neil digs into each route and shares what you can expect, when to ride them, and what the proper bike might be for each. Watch it here, scroll down for links, and let us know your favorites in the conversation below.

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Top 12 Routes

European Divide Trail

From the shores of the Arctic Ocean in Norway to the wild Atlantic coastline of southwestern Portugal, the European Divide Trail is a 100-day bikepacking route that’s incredibly diverse and always full of surprises. It’s an epic off-road crossing of the European continent—from northeast to southwest—traversing nine countries and countless dirt roads, singletracks, quiet lanes, and traffic-free byways.

Top 12 Bikepacking Routes

Green Mountain Gravel Growler

The Green Mountain Gravel Growler is an extraordinary loop that weaves a selection of storybook-farm dirt roads, flowy New England singletrack, and rugged historic woodland paths to create a circuit of some of the world’s best and most coveted craft beers.

Ardennes Arbalete

Ardennes Arbalete

The Ardennes Arbalète offers something for everyone: fast forest gravel, beat up singletrack, cruisey bike paths through castle-dotted valleys, quaint encounters with cheery locals, humbling reminders of the area’s poignant history, and the promise of fantastic beer around nearly every corner.

Top 12 Bikepacking Routes

Colorado Trail

The Colorado Trail is one of the longest, more arduous, yet most rewarding bikepacking routes in the US. During a small window in the summer, the snow clears to unveil an epic high altitude through-ride on some of the best trails in the Rocky Mountains. In fact, at over 500 miles in length, the Colorado Trail packs more sublime singletrack than you’re ever likely to have ridden in one sitting.

Top 12 Bikepacking Routes

The BC Trail

The BC Trail is a 1,200 kilometer traverse of southern British Columbia, starting in the Fraser Valley and ending in Fernie, on the Alberta border. Following decommissioned rail trails, gravel side roads, forest service roads, and singletrack, the BC Trail boasts some of the most spectacular views the province has to offer.

Top 12 Bikepacking Routes

Appalachian Gravel Growler

The Appalachian Gravel Growler is a 4-6 day bikepacking route that explores one of America’s top craft beer destinations via iconic bucketlist gravel roads through North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains. Though challenging, the route is designed specifically for drop-bar gravel riding and is approachable on nearly any bike.

Top 12 Bikepacking Routes

Highland Trail 550

The Highland Trail explores 550 miles of the most rugged and remote terrain in the Scottish Highlands. The route features world class singletrack and dirt roads with stunning views throughout, but you must put in some serious effort to reap the rewards. The most impressive sections will require some hike-a-bike for even the most proficient mountain bikers.

Top 12 Bikepacking Routes


The VTXL is one virtually continuous dirt path through Vermont from the Canada border to the Massachusetts border, linking the state’s northeast and southwest corners and capturing its geography, landscape, and town life. Experience New England charm and the distinctive affection that locals have for place and a slow pace.

Top 12 Bikepacking Routes

Trans Cambrian Way

The Trans-Cambrian Way snakes its way across the heart of Wales, covering around 100 miles (160 km) from Knighton, on the English border to Dovey Junction, on the Irish Sea.

Top 12 Bikepacking Routes

Tree to Sea Loop

The Tree to Sea Loop is an incredible 1,000-kilometre gravel loop around the lesser-known areas on the north end of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The route links massive valleys, oceanside villages, towering coastal mountains, and deep fjords via an impressive patchwork of forest service roads. Aside from some of the best gravel riding on the coast, there are opportunities for spelunking, whale watching, waterside camping, and much more.

Top 12 Bikepacking Routes

Asiago Loop

The Asiago Loop is a weekend bikepacking route that takes in the incredibly scenic Asiago Plateau via a mix of gravel roads, singletrack trails, and remote two-track that traverses the area’s limestone cliffs, alpine pastures, and rich history.

Top 12 Bikepacking Routes


With the epic GR7 as its backbone, the Altravesur crosses southern Spain from Cadiz in the west to Valencia on the Mediterranean coast. This challenging bikepacking route flows through countless mountain ranges and parks, incorporating portions of the TransAndalus and TransNevada cycling circuits, the GR249, GR243, GR247, and GR66 footpaths, the Via Verde de la Sierra Alcaraz, and the Ruta de Don Quixote.



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