Route, Riders & Rigs from the 1st American Trail Race

Early yesterday morning 13 valiant bikepackers set out on the first annual American Trail Race, a 5,000 mile self-supported bikepacking race crossing the USA along the off-road Trans-America Trail (TAT). Here are details about the route and photos of the riders from the grand depart… plus, we revisit the Swallow’s TAT scout coverage.

The American Trail Race is the first of it’s kind ultra-endurance, self-supported, bikepacking race across the country on a majority off-pavement route. Riders will follow a course predominantly based on the Trans-America Trail (TAT), originally established by dual-sport motorcyclists, then first ridden on bicycle in its entirety in 2015 by Sarah and Tom Swallow. The off-pavement version of the Trans-Am Trail has long been on the radar of ultra endurance bikepackers and has finally come to fruition in the form of a group ride/race with the grand depart taking place on the morning of June 1, 2017. Follow 13 fearless riders on Trackleaders (tracker and map below) as they make their way along an arduous course from Cape Lookout, North Carolina to Port Orford, Oregon.

American Trail Race, Grand Depart
  • American Trail Race, Bikepacking Trans-America Trail
  • American Trail Race, bikepacking Trans-america Trail

To introduce these racers, here are a few details about each with excellent photos by Lina Rice, daughter of Billy Rice, race organizer and founder of Invictus Cycling:

Aaron Weinsheimer

Age 48 / Salida, CO United States

BIKE: Waltworks rigid 29er

David & Loreto Garcia

Age 42 / Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

BIKE: Duratec Big Bang C9 Tandem

Dylan Taylor

Age 45 / Bozeman, MT United States

BIKE: Salsa Cutthroat

American Trail Race, Dylan Taylor

Hal Russell

Age 68 / Osceola, MO United States

BIKE: Salsa Cutthroat

American Trail Race, Hal Russell

Indiana Schulz

Age 33 / Coal Valley, IL United States

BIKE: Salsa Fargo Ti (link to interview and full gear list)

Indiana Schulz, American Trail Race, Salsa Fargo Ti

Jared Harris

Age 26 / Buena Vista, CO United States

BIKE: Salsa Deadwood

American Trail Race, Jared Harris

Jen Marsh-Siruchek

Age 46 / Middletown, NY United States

BIKE: Veritas 26 hardtail

American Trail Race

Lindsay Shepard

Age 35 / Phoenix, AZ United States

BIKE: Specialized Jett Pro

American Trail Race, Lindsay Shepard

Mark Snidero

Age 56 / Bel Air, MD United States

BIKE: Salsa Cutthroat

Michael Kinney

Age 32 / Rock Island, IL United States

BIKE: Lynskey Pro 29er

Riccardo Alessi

Age 48 / Valguarnera, Italy

BIKE: Silverback Syncra 27.5

Rob Colliver

Age 52 / Hampshire, England

BIKE: 2010 Santa Cruz Tallboy with Lauf

American Trail Race, Rob Colliver

The American Trail Race Route

The Trans-America Trail, or TAT, is a 5,000+ mile dirt and gravel route across the US from North Carolina’s Outer Banks to Port Orford, Oregon. The route was initially designed for dual-sport motorcycles by Sam Correro and wends its way over a hearty elevation profile that gains more than 300,000 feet of climbing. The TAT isn’t to be mistaken for the Adventure Cycling Association’s route of the same name, which is a mostly paved route that runs from Astoria, Oregon to Yorktown, VA. The first Annual American Trail Race will closely follow the TAT route with a few tweaks made by race organizers. Here is the map on Trackleaders currently live tracking each racer. Check back often to follow their progress. We’ll also update this post with new photos and info as we get it.

Follow the American Trail Race

You can check back here regularly to update the Trackleaders tracker map, or use these resources. We’ll be adding to this list of links as information comes available:

Trans America Trail, Bikepacking Oregon, Tom and Sarah Swallow

The 2015 Swallow/TAT ride

On August 1st, 2015 Sarah and Tom Swallow set out from eastern NC to pioneer the TAT route via bicycle. As far as we know, they were the first ones to scout it under human power and made some worthwhile adaptations to the route for a bicycle. Prior to this trip the Swallows completed several big bikepacking gravel grinders, including the Oregon Outback and the Ohio Buckeye Trail, but nothing of this caliber. The Swallows completed the 4,970 mile route on Sunday, October 26, 2015. They took a total of 87 days (81 days pedaling with 6 days off). Scroll down for links to their epic 5-part story with tons of great photos from along the way…

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  • Trans-america Trail, TAT, Oklahoma
  • Trans-america Trail, TAT, Colorado
  • Bikepacking Trans-America Trail Off-road
  • Trans-america Trail, TAT, Oklahoma

Make sure to revisit their coverage from this epic adventure to get a feel for what the riders of the American Trail Race will be facing:




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