2021 Colorado Trail Race

The 2021 Colorado Trail Race (CTR) kicked off on July 25th running from Durango to Denver with nearly 90 participants tackling the route this year. Follow along on the Trackleaders map here and scroll down for our coverage…

The Latest


  • Winner (Men’s/Overall): Neil Beltchenko (4d:3h:7m)
  • 1st place (Women’s/W’s Singlespeed): Alexandera Houchin (6d:9h:5m)
  • 2nd Place (Men’s): Will Bodewes (4d:11h:30m)
  • 3rd place (Men’s/1st Singlespeed): Jefe Branham (4d:16h:8m)
  • 2nd place (Women’s): Leigh Bowe (7d:1h:3m)
  • 3rd place (Women’s): Karin Pocock (7d:5h:35m)
  • Yo-Yo course record: Andrew Strempke (13d:10h:50m)
  • Tandem Course Record: Chris & Marni Plesko (10d:13h:13m)
  • 7mesh
  • Curve Cycling
  • Jones Bikepacking Bags
  • 45nrth
  • Kona Bikepacking Bikes
  • Wolf Tooth Components
  • Ortlieb Bikepacking Bags
  • Old Man Mountain
  • PEdALED Bikepacking gear
  • Revelate Bikepacking Bagss
  • Ride With GPS
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