The Wild Side


Giorgio Frattale and Francesco D’Alessio are two old friends and wilderness and bicycle enthusiasts. In 2013 they conceived Montanus (from Montane in classical Latin), an all-seasons bikepacking project, based in Abruzzo, the Italian region where the mountain chain Gran Sasso d’Italia shows its majesty.

Montanus is an attitude, an intimate journey. Montanus is the call of the wild of Buck, the dog in the novel of Jack London. Montanus is the smell of moss on your gloves, the dry red mud on your bike, the frost on your sleeping bag. Montanus is the life outside the ‘comfort zone', it is an inspiration for those who want to experience nature. Montanus is about enjoying the slow ride, perceiving the smells and taking in the colors.

You can follow Montanus adventures at, on Facebook and Istagram @montanus_thewildside.

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